Monday, September 16, 2013

The complete package

Romans 12:10
Hebrews 13:1-8
I need to learn how to give little gifts to my 6yr daughter. I can't let my discomfort at gift-giving prevent me from loving her in the way she will experience my love. The complete package of loving her includes presenting her with gifts; that is who she is.
Loving the Lord is also a complete package deal. We cannot claim to love Him and not love His children also (Mk 12:29-31). There have certainly been times when I wish I could... Times when His children aren't acting much like Him, or I'm not, and I'd like to simply keep my relationship between the two of us. Yet we're told by the Lord to "be devoted to one another in love". We're not told this is only for the select few with a special gifting (alas for the introverts who would like to see that clause somewhere!) but rather we are given instructions on how to love one another in multiple locations of the Bible, including Hebrews 13. This is after all not hidden or too difficult for us to obey (Dt 30:11).
I can't only love my daughter on my terms and I can't only love the Lord on my terms. I have to give my daughter the love she will understand through gifts and in the same way I have to give the Lord the love He asks of me through loving His children.

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