Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Regaining and maintaining our first love

Romans 12:11
Revelation 2:1-7
Out of love for my child I attempted a shaped cake. Even
simple actions made with love make a big difference. (I let
her decorate it, btw)
My love for my husband is not the same as it was when we married, but it has grown, matured, increased, not diminished. Love, whether "first love" for a spouse, deep love for God, devoted love for a child, or another lasting love is a great witness to the permanence of commitment. In a world that believes that love can be fallen into and out of, we need to both show and tell everyone we encounter that the Lord's love for us never fades away. The world doesn't need another account of a couple married for countless years and hating the majority of it. It doesn't need another Christian going through the motions without conviction and wishing life weren't so boring. True, growing, maturing love is hard work, but extremely rewarding, whoever it is directed toward.
Have you forgotten your first love for the Lord in any way? Perhaps you've forgotten His love for you. The most basic way I know of to regain that sense of love is a retreat with a solid group of Christians. Also try a solitary retreat, a group Bible study, joining a small group at a church, attending a prayer meeting or a revival meeting, and simply praying or asking someone to pray with you for that faith filled love to return. Regardless of what you do, that love will not remain or increase unless you work at it through daily prayer, fellowship with other Christians, service, reading the Bible, and other actions to build your relationship with the Savior. The good news: His love for you is much greater than yours for Him, and He desires your zeal so He will help you in your efforts to maintain your first love for Him.

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