Saturday, April 20, 2013

Happy Heritage: Child humor

My 4yr is learning a certain type of humor, so she complimented me recently for my speed: "That was faster than a speeding snail! Also as fast as a speeding tortoise!"
Both girls are learning riddles and jokes without yet understanding the point. So they make up jokes which they think are hilarious but make absolutely no sense to the rest of us. I am very, very glad that they have each other to share this stage with, so each can tell her latest joke to her sister and I don't have to pretend to listen to them all!
They often come up with interesting observations. While coloring a fresh copy of their prayer chart, our 4yr asked why her 6yr sister was using red for her apple instead of an "unripe" color (green apple). Our 6yr responded "because the fruits of the Spirit are always ripe".
The 6yr picked up the word "freak" somewhere and has been using it incessantly. She provided a very helpful definition recently: "When I 'freak', that's a good thing. But it's not a good thing if I 'freak out'. You don't want me to freak out." Apparently, both express a great deal of emotion, but freaking is happy excitement while adding "out" communicates panic or distress.

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