Friday, April 19, 2013

Closed doors

Romans 11:13
Acts 9:10-16
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What jobs has the Lord given you which you are tempted to neglect? I know some people who are serving the Lord in incredible ways, ways in which I would love to serve Him also. Yet God has very clearly closed the door to my offer of service in those particular areas. He has allowed and invited me to give of myself in other ways, but not in those particular services. I could spend my time regretting the lost opportunities and envying those who are serving Him in those ways, or I could support them in whatever way open to me while exerting myself to honor my King as much as possible in the ministries He has given to me.
Paul really wanted to see his fellow Jews know the Lord Jesus as their Messiah. Yet God sent him out to the Gentiles. Despite the many times that he approached the Jews to deliver his message, his effectiveness was really measured by the conversion of the non-Jews to Christ. Other Christians were called to the service of reaching out to the Jews; Paul's service was to the Gentiles.
What ministries has the Lord called you to? What ministries do you wish He had called you to? Don't waste all your time regretting the closed doors; simply say a prayer for those who are serving in those ways which you would like to (but can't) and move forward in the services God has invited you to participate in.

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