Monday, March 4, 2013

Lent: Simon's mother-in-law

Luke 4:38-39
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A fever on its own isn't tremendously worrisome nowadays, but during most of human history it could be the symptom of a life-endangering disease. I didn't worry a bit about pneumonia when I caught it, because I've never even heard of someone suffering long-term effects from something so insignificant. Yet in other parts of the world today and throughout history, a disease like I had could very easily be fatal. Whether Simon Peter's mother-in-law would have recovered or not, those around her were concerned for her and she was certainly not in a position to play hostess when Jesus arrived. Yet the instant He cured her she chose to respond to His gift with service.
All too often I allow challenges in my life to stop me. Even after Christ has removed the obstacle, I "need" time to recover, or I'm "forced" to guard myself against the challenge returning. This unnamed woman didn't allow her sickbed to hold her back. As soon as Christ removed the sickness, she chose to serve Him and those with Him. I need to respond with that same attitude when God calls me to a particular service. Rather than holding back and protecting myself, I need to trust the Lord to give me everything I need to complete the service He has asked me to. If He were not going to give me the energy, the grace, the gifts I need, then He would not have healed me and invited me to that particular service. Simon Peter's mother-in-law, as little as we know about her, calls me on to give the Lord my all and not hold back when He calls me forward.

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