Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Lent: Demoniac

Mark 5:1-20
Rock-cut Tombs at Bagawat (I)
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This is one of the most dramatic transformations described in the Gospels. The demoniac is wild, unrestrainable, violent when Jesus meets him. When the Lord leaves, the man has become calm, civilized, and an outspoken witness to the power of God. The only thing Jesus did on this visit across "the sea" was to set this man free from his bondage to a legion of demons, yet to that man and to those he witnessed to, it made a world of difference.
No matter how many sins you struggle with or how many spiritual attacks you deal with on a regular basis, it's doubtful that you have as many demons assaulting you as this man had. So, if Jesus could give complete freedom to this man, He can also give it to you. Bring each sin to the Savior so He can redeem you. Ask Him to rescue you when you are assaulted. Trust in His willingness and ability to set you free, for He can certainly do so and has no reason not to.

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