Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Lent: Mary Magdalene

Mark 15:37-47
Mary Magdalene was one of the women who stayed with Jesus as He was being crucified. She was one of the women who followed Jesus and cared for Him as He ministered to others. She had been rescued from an unhappy life with 7 demons and so she loved Jesus very much (Lk 7:47). Her presence with the Lord and love for Him must have been very evident to all His followers, for she is mentioned by name time and again when many of the other women who are with her are semi-anonymous.
How much do you love the Lord? Have you considered and thanked Him for the healing that He has brought about in your life? Do you recognize the depth of His care for you? If you were put in a difficult position, would you abandon Him like the Twelve did, would you stay with Him like several women did, or would you be front and center in your support for Him like Mary Magdalene was?
Of course, Mary's devotion to Jesus didn't begin at the cross. She followed Him during the good times of His ministry, when hundreds and thousands followed after Him. If you want to be known as the person who is faithful to the Lord in times of trials, at times when to be faithful to Him means you might die for Him, then be faithful to Him now when life is comparatively easy. Of course, only those who are faithful to Him in the hard times share in His victory afterward (Mk 16:1-7).

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