Saturday, January 26, 2013

Happy Heritage

While coloring in her "Pink Princess" coloring book, my 5yr was surprised to find hearts on every page. "Isn't that incredible?? I think maybe this is a 'love' coloring book!"
My husband teases that I read too much to our daughters, encouraging their imaginations to be overactive. Sometimes I wonder if he's right: like when I hear them playing yet another imaginary game and one child says to the other "In the name of Jesus, get up and walk!" or when her sister puts us each in jail and tells us our offenses are "driving too fast" and "kicking the policewoman three times", respectively.
My 5yr old nearly panicked halfway through the month at the thought that it might be "too late" for her to make a New Year's resolution. Reassured, she announced that she plans to eat "less sweets" this year. She didn't make it to the end of the day. Or perhaps she did: her definition of "sweets" was pie, which she couldn't remember having ever eaten (so how can she eat less of it?) and did not specify candy, of which she still has several candy canes leftover from Christmas.
5yr: "Daddy, some boys wear earrings. Would you like to try a pair of my clip-ons?"
My 4yr wondered during Mass recently why all the second readings (always taken from the New Testament) begin with "My dear brothers and sisters". I wondered how many other bits of trivia she's picked up that haven't made their way into questions yet.
5yr: "Is George Washington still alive?"
me: "No."
5yr: "Why not?"
me: "He lived a long time ago. He would be about 300 years old."
4yr: "WOW! That's even older than Daddy!"
I love my children.

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