Saturday, December 29, 2012

Happy Heritage: quotes of a 5yr old

"The only problem with microwaves is that they don't get food warm, they get it HOT!"
"Mom, was the day I was born the happiest day of your life?"
Normally when I make eggs for breakfast, I fry them. When my husband makes eggs, he scrambles them. After 4 months of Daddy making breakfast everyday, both girls were missing the fried version and wondering when (if) they would taste it again. Our 4yr said she likes them better than scrambled because Mommy doesn't use any herbs (I admitted to her that I actually do). So Daddy said he could make fried eggs just as well as anyone else's daddy, and proceeded to give a breakfast we hadn't seen since I succumbed to morning sickness (placing the eggs parsley-side down on plates so the 4yr could pretend there weren't any herbs in them). I wondered aloud how Daddy could have made Mommy eggs and our 5yr gave me the answer immediately: "Magic!" It was a great day for building his relationship with his daughters.

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