Monday, November 19, 2012


Romans 10:7
Psalm 139:7-12
Deuteronomy 30:11-14
The beauty of the stars, as interpreted by a preschooler.
Christ is closer than each and every star, and more
accessible than the depths of the ocean.
The depths of the ocean are difficult to access even today. I was surprised to learn that humans have actually made it to the bottom: I thought that unmanned probes had maybe reached the deepest portions of the ocean, but discovered the people have arrived there also. Very few have made it though. For most of us, even the first mile's worth of ocean depth is beyond our reach, much less the truly deep portions, much less hell itself (assuming you want to return to normal life afterward). Even the peak of Mt. Everest is more accessible. Fortunately, we don't need to go to such great lengths to find Christ. He is available, here, now, ready to respond to us. We don't need to cross, or descend, a great ocean to find Him. We don't need to climb a mountain or venture into space to reach Him. We don't need to read an astrology chart (please don't!) or attempt to interpret a mysterious code in the stars or in someone's proposed numerology of spiritual writings. God has chosen to make Himself available to us. We could never attain access to Him if He chose otherwise, but He wants to interact with us; He wants us to know Him; He wants to make Himself available to us. It's up to us now to respond to His invitation.

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