Friday, October 19, 2012

Spiritual Battle

Romans 9:22
Matthew 13:24-30
I had a dream recently that a woman was given supernatural powers from Satan and was using them against all the people around her. She manipulated them, destroyed them, killed them, and all seemed completely powerless before her. Then one individual, a Christian, began to block her efforts. He didn't aggressively counter-attack; he simply prevented her destruction from taking effect. The community gradually began to look almost normal, since the woman was no longer able to destroy it from within.
Frustrated and angry, the woman looked around to see who was blocking all her attacks. The man stood up to her and said, "It may seem to you that you're winning the battles, but I serve the One Who wins the war. You may even succeed at harming or even killing me, but God will always win in the end."
I thought the dream was nothing more than an ordinary dream, but God brought several lessons to my attention from it.

  1. We may be discouraged in our battles against the Enemy because he seems to win so many battles, but remember that our God wins the war. He is the One with the true power. We know the end of the story, and we know that our Lord is the victor.
  2. The One we serve has more power than we give Him credit for. We need to step up in the battle and rely on His strength to fight our enemies. What are we afraid of? All too often we act like the elephant running away from the mouse. If we are on God's side, then we are the ones in possession of the most powerful tools in the universe. Nothing Satan or his allies can use against us has any power against the weapons of the Living God.
  3. Even one individual with the Lord makes a huge difference. Imagine what an impact a whole group of Christians can have when those Christians stand up in the boldness and the power of Christ. If one individual was able to bring a whole suffering community of people (in my dream) back to a semblance of normality, imagine the impact a whole community of Christians could have on the world.
  4. How many would be converted by the witness of just one person standing up in the power of God? My dream didn't continue to see the response of the other non-Christians; but I imagine that several of them would choose to join the winning team.

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