Saturday, October 20, 2012

Depositing Treasures in a Secure Location

From the time that we married my husband became interested in collecting some animal figures. Left on my own I would have chosen something more intrinsically beautiful, like seashells. But it seemed fun to him to fill our bathroom with frogs and to collect piggy banks in the living room, and since I feel strongly that this home is his just as much as mine, we now have a well-known frog motif in our bathroom, a handful of pigs in our living room, and a single ornament of seashells in our dining room.
Note, for those who know me: I am not looking to increase any of our collections. Our house is too small for any real collection. So, no, I do not need you to pass on those frogs and pigs and seashells you've been wanting to get rid of...
Our first piggy bank was a tongue-in-cheek bridal shower gift, filled with a dollar or two as a nudge toward the importance of savings in marriage. We tied a ribbon from one of our wedding gifts around its neck and added a handful of companions to its corner. A pig someone was getting rid of which made its way into our home had apparently been made with a plastic plug in its nose instead of its belly for pulling out the coins it collected. The plug is long gone, leaving an open nose pig with a rather arrogant expression. Another we purchased on our first anniversary. While I don't mind the pigs in the corner, I have emphasized to my husband that our home is too small and I am not interested in spending all my time dusting pigs, so our collection will not continue to grow and overflow its corner.
As I was cleaning that corner recently I happened to tilt the nose-less pig onto its open snout. Looking down to the carpet I suddenly realized that the pig had not been empty after all. It had spilled its treasure on the floor.
I'm not sure who deposited this treasure into our pig. I'm guessing either a child young enough to enjoy dropping anything into any available hole, or a child who likes gorp for the M&Ms we include in it than for the good ole' raisins and peanuts. Hopefully, if the latter, she didn't find it a convenient enough location to continue depositing raisins and peanuts in the piggy bank rather than in her stomach or at least the trash.

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