Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Romans 9:19-20
Job 42:1-6
Would the Olympics be better if each runner began at a different mark designed for that individual's ability regardless of it's relationship to the other runners' marks? The one thought to be the best runner would have to start farther back from the finish line so the other competitors would have a better chance of winning. Then anyone could compete; I might start only a few yards from the finish line while those who have been training for years started a football field away so I might stand a chance of actually winning. Then the competition would be much more fair to everyone, based on individual ability rather than an objective goal.
God created each of us differently, with individual abilities and challenges that even we don't fully understand. He has made each of us good, as all things that He makes are good (Ecc 3:11). If something about His creation, something about ourselves (in who we are, not in the distortion of sin) seems not quite right, we can be sure that we are missing something. If He is requiring something of us that we cannot give, we can be sure that He is just in that requirement. God has not made all of us equal, a grace for which we should be very grateful. In that inequality He requires the same and different from each one of us and we are not in a position to protest. He is our Creator; we must trust that He knows what He is doing with us and not complain about His requirements nor about whether it seems like we are in a position to win or whether someone else has an easier time of it because of their individual gifts from the Creator.

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