Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Prepared to Sacrifice All

Romans 9:3
Esther 4:10-17
There are few things more extreme that we can do for another person than to die for that person. Money, time, talents, gifts: none are as significant and as difficult to give as our life. Given the significance of the sacrifice, no one misunderstands an offer of my life for their's as being anything less than an expression of great love and fidelity. Queen Esther was willing to die out of love for her people; Paul was willing to die eternally for those same people. The fact that both were rescued from the full extent of the consequences does not diminish their sacrifice in making a choice that they knew could have such a terrible outcome. Although Esther's life was spared, she made her sacrifice knowing that it might not be, and her people were saved through her actions. Paul was martyred because of his actions in reaching out to his people. Although not all were saved through his actions, some were. He made his choice knowing the possibilities and willing to suffer the consequences. Who are your people, that you would be willing to die for? Do they know the extent of your love, that you're prepared to make such a sacrifice for them? 

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