Monday, May 28, 2012

Romans 7:1, Laws Do Not Apply After Death

Romans 7:1
Ephesians 1:3-5
Laws don't apply after death. No human authority can enforce them; the individual has passed beyond their reach. Communication in both directions ceases so those who would like the dead person to do something are out of luck and wishes the deceased expressed before passing may not be carried out. How many people have made a promise or expressed a desire that was never carried out because they died and had no control over whether their heirs followed through on their commitment. If we want to make life as meaningful and memorable as possible, we need to look for what will survive beyond death. Laws, wills, desires, wealth: they all disappear when our life ends. None continue beyond death. However just or unjust they may be, the moment we end life we cut all connections with them. God calls us to Himself because what we invest in Him will endure forever regardless of our personal death or our personal ability to maintain that investment. The blessings we receive from Him allow us to live in a way that honors the Lord and so have an impact in this life that will be remembered and will continue to bless other people long after we are cut off from them by death.

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