Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Romans 6:22, Are Any Weeds Growing?

Romans 6:22
Exodus 30:22-29
I just hope my self-examination
doesn't turn up even a hundredth of
the plethora of weeds in my yard
and garden
Just as the fruit of sin is death, the fruit of being a servant of God is sanctification and eternal life. If I am truly His servant, then I will walk, think, speak, and act as someone set apart as sacred to Him. Just as the holy oil described in Exodus made everything it touched holy, I should be open to the Holy Spirit touching every aspect of my life and my being to make it holy. It is time to consider then, are there any portions of my life that are not being sanctified: that I have told the Lord He may not touch? Have I given my life "fully" to Him except for particular areas which I hold back for myself? Is there anything that makes me want to say, "Lord, I'll do anything for You, just please don't ask me to __________"? The "plant" called "being God's servant" cannot produce un-holy fruit. So if the fruit I'm producing is not sanctification, then I need to look at whether I've planted a different seed in my life and I need to weed it out. Hopefully it hasn't grown too big and will be comparatively easy to remove. Weeds do tend to send deep roots which are nearly impossible to remove entirely, but if I consistently prune as much of the weed as I can then I know the plant will eventually die and never return.

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