Thursday, May 3, 2012

Romans 6:11, Don't Choose Slavery

Romans 6:11
Galatians 4:1-9
Most slaves don't have any choice. As much as they would like to leave their owners, they are forcibly trapped in their slavery with very little or no control over their lives and their futures. Slavery may look very different depending on the time period, the culture, and the individual slave owners, but never have the slaves been given the freedom to end their slavery. They're often born into it just as we were born into the bondage of sin. As heirs to the Kingdom of God, why would we choose to continue in that slavery? Christ has broken the chains that bound us yet we often choose to act as if we were still trapped in our sins. The exhortation is to put sin behind us, to be fully "dead" to it, to choose not to be subject to it anymore. Because Christ Jesus has set us free from our former master we can live in God. We have a choice. We can leave sin. We can choose the bright future of a free life with the Lord!

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