Monday, April 30, 2012

Romans 6:9, Christ Defeated Death

Romans 6:9
Acts 2:22-24
Job 38:2,17
There is no natural power that can avoid or defeat death. Everything dies: microorganisms, plants, animals, humans. We don't like to talk about death because we have no control over it, no method to permanently prevent it's power over us. Yet Christ very clearly demonstrated that His power is greater than that of death. If death is, in a real sense, the strongest force on earth, then Christ's power over it demonstrates that His strength is greater than anything we may face. There is nothing that can defeat our Lord Jesus. When we place our trust in Him, we can know absolutely that we are protected by the One who can defeat any enemy, every enemy, all enemies that we might face all at once. There is nothing in Heaven or on Earth that can win in a battle against the One who has defeated death for Himself and for all who trust in Him.

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