Friday, April 27, 2012

Romans 6:8, Bride Adorned For Her Husband

Romans 6:8
Revelation 21:1-5
How do you get to be one of those living in the New Jerusalem, adorned as a bride for her Husband? That life comes to those who choose to die with Christ. The two are connected so if I want the new and wonderful life Christ offers, I need to allow my sinful nature to die as wholly and completely as possible. In one sense this is immediate but at the same time I struggle with this each and every day. I still sin (again and again and again). When faced with a temptation I find it helpful to remember why I would choose to reject that temptation; why I would choose to say no. I want to live with Christ. I want to be in that New Jerusalem. Each and every time I choose God's way rather than giving into sin, I am choosing for life. I'm still tempted but remembering the bigger picture gives me a little extra strength to do what God wants despite the desire to sin.

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