Thursday, February 9, 2012

Romans 5:20

Romans 5:20
What excuse do I have for my sin?? None. Every time I'm tempted I can call on God and His grace to resist is always greater than the temptation to sin. I choose to sin. I'm not forced to, I'm not coerced into it, I'm not left without options to choose differently. I can say no; I am the one to blame for saying yes to sin.
Where there is a lot of sin there is even more grace. Grace to repent, grace to avoid sin, grace to be restored in my relationship with God. I want today to choose God's grace rather than sin. I want today to ask the Holy Spirit for grace to not sin. I want today to take advantage of the abundant grace available to me to repent when I do sin and return to the Lord that my relationship with Him may become even better than it was before.

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