Thursday, December 8, 2011

Jesse Tree: Gideon

Scripture: Judges 6:36-40
Event/Theme: Gideon
Symbol we use: I put a cotton ball on a wire ornament hanger.
Meditation: Gideon was an unlikely hero by his own admission. He was "the least" in his family which was " the weakest" in his clan (Judges 6:15). But when God told him to go, he obeyed. He was nervous still though so he asked for God's reassurance one more time. He put out some wool at night and asked God to make the fleece wet but the ground dry in the morning then the next day the ground wet but the wool fleece dry. He wanted to be absolutely certain that God was the one leading him--he knew he could never be victorious without the Lord. In our fight against sin, we can't win either without God's help. But when the Lord tells us to fight, we can fight with courage because we know that He is with us, helping us every step of the way.

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