Saturday, December 24, 2011

Jesse Tree: Birth of Jesus

Scripture: Luke 2:4-7
Event/Theme: Jesus' Birth
Symbol we use: Every ornament left related to Jesus' birth. We also put out the Jesus for each of our Nativity sets which were kept hidden throughout Advent.
Meditation: Most of us don't want to hear someone say "I know just what you are feeling" unless their story is at least as bad as what we are experiencing. We want to hear advice from someone who has experienced our suffering or something even worse. The story of Jesus' birth seems incredibly humble for the Son of the King of kings yet it does put Him and Joseph and Mary in the position of relating to others who have absolutely nothing and then everything goes wrong. Their story is relevant to more people because they were homeless, ridiculed, hungry, in need, and at the mercy of others. No matter what we suffer in life, we can find a helping hand and an understanding heart in Jesus. He suffered many things from His birth to His death and one of the things we are celebrating at Christmas is His love for us and His ability to know just what we are experiencing.

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