Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Romans 5:1

Romans 5:1
If you want to have a peaceful relationship with someone after an argument, it is not enough to simply ignore whatever caused the argument. You can't pretend it never happened and expect the relationship to be just as it was before. But when you deal with the issue well, both sides acknowledging and apologizing for their wrongdoing, making restitution, and seeking ways to prevent the problem from reoccurring, the relationship can become even better than it was before the argument. Then the awkwardness is removed from the relationship and those involved are able to interact peacefully with one another.

We have wronged the Lord. We need to acknowledge our sin, apologize, make restitution, and seek ways to avoid sinning in the future. Although we may be able to acknowledge and even apologize on our own, it is through the Lord Himself that we are able to make restitution and avoid reoffending Him. Our Lord Jesus Christ has made the sacrifice that replaces the restitution we cannot afford on our own, and as our relationship is restored with God, He continues to transform us so we begin to have the grace, provided by Him, to choose not to sin. This is peace with God, peace that comes from our choice and our faith in Him, yet which restores and deepens our relationship more through His efforts than through ours. What a gift! May we learn to cherish it more.

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