Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Scheduling Prayer

We all have routines we follow. They're little routines such as whether we get dressed before or after breakfast, or brush our teeth before or after dressing for bed in the evening. They become so natural to us that we don't even realize we've developed a routine for something as simple as what we look at when we first walk in our home or which part of our mouth we brush first when brushing our teeth.

We can schedule mini prayer times into our regular routine that over time will transform our attitudes and renew our minds to become more like Christ (Rom 12:2). They don't have to be long or complicated. They don't have to decrease your efficiency or interfere with what you are already doing. The goal is to take the routines you've already established and sanctify them, dedicate them to God, in small ways. The process takes a little effort (mostly in remembering to follow through) but the rewards in your personal relationship with the Lord, your ability to pray throughout the day (Php 4:6), and the increasing peace and joy are well worth the effort. I've included some suggestions; try this week to add at least one of them, or one you've come up with, into your daily routines. 

Before you get out of bed: "Lord, this day is Yours"
While you brush your teeth: "Thank you God that I still have teeth"
Before each meal: "Thank you Jesus for this food"
As you exercise: "Help me Father to exercise my faith as well as my body"
As you enter your home: "Make my home a place where people experience Your love"
As you wash dishes: "Praise to the Lord"
Just before you fall asleep: "Forgive me for all the sins I committed today"
While you dress for bed: "Lord, bless me dreams tonight"
When you say goodnight to your children: Put your hand on each and say (aloud) a quick blessing for them
When you hear an ambulance: Say a quick prayer for anyone who may be hurt, their family and friends, and/or the emergency personnel who are in that ambulance/at the hospital/on the other side of the 911 phone call
When you pick up the mail: "Glory to You, o Lord"
When you brush your hair in the morning: "Thank you Lord for this new day"
When you push the button on your coffee maker: "May my words today come from You"
When you stop at a red light: "Protect my family and friends today, Jesus"
When you turn on your computer: "May the Holy Spirit guide my actions today"

What is one way you can add a prayer into your daily routines?

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