Friday, October 28, 2011

Romans 4:20

Romans 4:20
I'm sorry to say that I have more stories in my own life of when I've doubted God's impossible promise than when I've believed. I'm sure Abraham was under a lot of pressure to doubt--after all, the promise that he would have a son was given years and even decades before it was fulfilled and by the time Sarah gave birth to Isaac, Abraham was nearly 100 years old. That's a long time to hold onto faith despite the circumstances.

Have you held onto faith when circumstances made the fulfillment of the promise impossible? Have you seen others hold onto faith despite the situation? There is a young girl I know who I think is alive only through her parents' faith and intense prayers. The rare genetic condition she has "should have" caused her death about 4 years ago. The whole family prays for her with absolute faith in her healing, even though there is no sign of it beyond the fact that she is still alive. Their faith, including decisions based on that faith rather than on the "evidence" is a witness to everyone they interact with including family members, nurses, teachers, neighbors, and doctors. Hopefully they won't have to wait as long as Abraham did to see the complete fulfillment of God's promises. But I'm sure that whether they have to wait that long or whether they see the fulfillment today, the story of seeing God work in impossible circumstances will encourage many others in their own faith.

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