Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Romans 4:3

Romans 4:3
Genesis 15:6
I believe my house will not fall down around me. I believe food will cook when I apply heat. I believe water will harden into ice when frozen. Of all the things we believe every day, we depend a lot on our senses and past experiences. Usually we're right. Believing God is one of the most important decisions we can choose to make and one of the most difficult because we can't physically experience Him. He is more trustworthy and reliable than our five senses and past experiences, but we are so completely grounded in this world that it's difficult to trust more in Someone we can't see, touch, feel, taste, or smell than in our own physical intuition. It didn't make sense physically for Abraham to trust God but he knew that God is more reliable than our own physical intuitions.
How much do I depend on my physical experiences when God asks me to trust Him? I KNOW He is more reliable than I am, but it's challenging to act on that knowledge. He generally lets me live in this material world, according to the physical body He has given me, but sometimes I need to trust Him when it seems to contradict what I experience physically. Sometimes I need to step out where it's very uncomfortable and trust Him to uphold me in situations where I can't physically uphold myself.

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