Friday, May 15, 2015

Happy Heritage: Taking my pets for a walk

The toddler was screaming a bit too much this afternoon so I called the troops together for a walk. One daughter decided to ride a scooter and carry an umbrella, but couldn't find the scooter at first and then found the two items difficult to juggle. Another daughter decided to ignore my instructions to wear tennis shoes and put on flip flops instead. As she struggled in vain to bring her bike out of the back yard, her foot slipped out of the sandal into a mud puddle. I then nixed the bike/scooter/umbrella plan and sent her for clean socks, clean pants, and actual shoes. The garage needed to be closed from inside after pushing the oversized stroller out and the front door locked; I commissioned my 8yr old to do that while the 6yr old insisted that she could not ever fit her shoes on and would therefore never, ever be able to go on a walk.
A lady walking her dog appeared to be laughing at us.
I corralled the 1yr olds into the stroller (both; today the baby turned 1 and the toddler has another 2 weeks before turning 2). I helped the 6yr old put her shoes on. I had turned the front door lock myself so I knew that when the 8yr old closed the door then we would be all set.
Our walk was less than a mile. Toward the end we caught up with that same dog-walking lady and she let my pets children play with her pet.
Yes, she had been laughing at us.
When we got home, the front door was not properly closed after all, so anyone could have waltzed right in. I'm not the least bit shocked at that lady for laughing at us since I sometimes feel like we are indeed a comical three-ring circus or a vaudeville show. But we don't charge money for tickets.

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  1. AnonymousMay 17, 2015

    Grandpa loves your pets and you for all you do for them. God bless you. Tim