Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Wasted Time

I recently wasted an entire week of my life. For a whole seven days I didn't clean or cook or supervise my daughters' schoolwork. Laundry was washed but the clean clothing was dumped in a mountain on my bedroom floor. Not a single box was unpacked. We fell behind on the dishes (even dishwashers need someone to load and unload them). The kids and I stayed home. In fact, I spent most of the week sitting on our couch watching tv or amusing myself online.
I wasted an entire week of my life because my children got the flu one after another and then gave it to me. I wasn't really lazing about; I was too busy emptying basins, changing sheets, catching vomit, cuddling feverish babies, replenishing water bottles, etc., etc., etc. It was a week in which I accomplished absolutely nothing...and that was the most important accomplishment I could have spent my time on. Sometimes life is not about doing but simply about loving. It was far more important for me to spend my week cuddling and caring for my children than any other activity I could have filled my time with.

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