Thursday, September 11, 2014

Thankful Thursday: Changing my outlook

Several years ago a friend told me I was very negative. Realizing she was right, I began writing down everyday three new items I was thankful for. The exercise changed my outlook tremendously. Last week I decided I needed to start up the practice again. It was a day that included a text to my husband that said "I quit." so he would call me back and console me. It was a day that included my 15mo learning how to reach the top of the kitchen counter and inside the scissors drawer. It was a day that included one of our best cloth napkins receiving an instant demotion to paint rag. It was one of those days improved by tears. It was a day that clearly revealed my need to focus on the blessings so I wouldn't become overwhelmed by the challenges. So here are the first three items that come to mind today for which I thank the Lord.
My children are healthy. Thank you, Lord, that so far this is not one of the crosses I have had to carry. Please, Lord, be with those who are carrying this cross. Encourage them, sustain them, comfort them, heal them.
My husband. I am eternally grateful for being blessed with the best husband in the world. He even puts up with me.
My faith. Faith that the Lord exists, faith that He is good, faith that He is capably in charge.

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