Thursday, August 28, 2014

Bible Study: Share the Good News

Romans 15:21
Matthew 28:16-20
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Are there any hidden tribes of people anymore, tucked away in a remote rainforest somewhere? Do we imagine that because only a few people have never encountered Christianity, our commission from Jesus is complete? I've heard that some believe that once every last tribe hears the Gospel, Christ will certainly come again. But although those in my neighborhood have encountered Christianity to one extent or another, many have not seen the true power of the Lord. Their encounters have inoculated them against Christ rather than attracted them to Him. Someone needs to carry the message, like Paul, to those who have never heard it. Yet someone also needs to carry the message to those we see every day who have also never truly heard it.
I have a responsibility to share the Good News, as good news, to those I encounter every day. It is part of my commission from Jesus. It might not be the first time they have heard the Gospel, but it might be and it might be the first time they have seen it lived out.

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