Monday, July 28, 2014

Bible Study: The Lord's accomplishments through us

Romans 15:18
John 14:12-14
It would be a worthwhile activity for each of us to prayerfully make a list every few years of the accomplishments that God has worked through us. Some of them may be large, such as taking an active role in His working miracles in this world. Some may be as "small" as living in a way that is faithful to His calling. Large and small, it builds our faith to recognize God's power and our hope to realize He is working through us. He has chosen to include us as active coworkers with Him in His mission.
It wouldn't be fair for me to ask others to complete an assignment like this without doing it myself, would it? I can't say the Lord has worked incredibly obvious miracles through me such as raising people from the dead or healing the paralyzed. Yet if I only told of ways He is working in and through me I would be able to fill a book, for He is constantly amazing me by the way small decisions for Him lead to big results. Here's a short list of ways the Lord has worked through me in the last year:
  • Encouraging others to have a daily prayer time and Bible study
  • Giving birth to four children now
  • Attempting to teach my children to love the Lord, by example and by hands-on instruction
  • Beginning friendships with whomever I am put into contact with
  • Demonstrating an active faith in the Lord to overcome obstacles and make the improbable happen
  • Living an example of faithfulness to God through regular church attendance and daily prayer
  • Regularly repenting of my sins

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