Saturday, June 14, 2014

Happy Heritage: No need for counting sheep

Maria and Reese enjoyed attending day camp this week immensely, but returned home with a few more bug bites each afternoon. Actually, Maria collected so many over the course of the week that at bedtime on Thursday she sadly looked at her legs and announced: "Looks like I'll have to count mosquito bites tonight instead of sheep."
Reese wants to polish our silverware tomorrow as a Father's Day activity. Because it's fun to do. She says that it also reminds her of Jesus "because it's so shiny". She is voting for this over a bike ride, picnic and zoo visit. Her proposal was rejected by the rest of the family.
Maria plans to invent cheese ice cream (gluten free, of course) that can be eaten as a protein main course. I could either a) introduce her to cheesecake ice cream and allow it to count as a protein element in our her lunches or b) wait for her to experiment in the kitchen with frozen cheddar cheese concoctions. We haven't bought or made it yet, but if you someday hear her claim that her mother allows her to eat cheesecake ice cream as her actual meal, please rest assured that I enjoyed it also it was simply a matter of making the best of the situation.

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