Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Lent 2014: Daughters of Jerusalem

Luke 23:26-31
I am blessed to be her mother
There is a certain insanity inherent in rejecting the Lord's natural design for our lives. As the Creator, He is quite aware of what is best for His creation. Sickness, special circumstances, and sin can make an individual turn away from the natural inclinations we should all have imprinted on our beings, but something is terribly wrong in a society where large portions of the population choose to turn away not simply from the laws He has ordered for us but also from the natural instincts the Creator gave to us. Unlike the animals, we can decide whether we will cooperate with those natural instincts or live in another way. Jesus tells the women mourning for His suffering to mourn even more for themselves and their descendants who choose the insanity of rejecting the normal tendencies He gave us for another path.
We still recognize in our society the disaster that has taken place when a large group of people commit suicide. Something has gone wrong in them to cause them to desire death over life. There is some form of insanity at work, whether spiritual or physical. We have forgotten, though, that it is also a sign of societal insanity that women as a group desire to avoid having children and consider the women "blessed" who never bear a child. Yes, it is natural for a few women to have no desire to become mothers. It's a sign of those women's individual personalities, callings in life, or of a personal difficulty such as depression. Not all women are born with a natural mothering instinct and not all will want to become mothers themselves even while they rejoice in the motherhood of their friends and family members. The insanity comes in when society as a whole tells women that they should actively avoid motherhood and the better path in life is to live for oneself and for earthly treasure rather than being burdened by children.
What other signs of insanity have entered our society? Which ones have we bought into ourselves? Mourn not for a man doing the will of His Father to bring salvation to all humans but rather for those who reject all that we have been given by our Creator. Mourn for those who turn away from even our most natural inner tendencies, who believe that sickness is health and actively spread the illness among as many individuals as possible. Mourn for the society that promotes the insanity of avoiding the blessings of our Creator.

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