Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Lent 2014: Centurion

Luke 7:2-10
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My faith is so weak compared to that of the centurion. He didn't just think that Jesus, who most people saw as a human prophet, could heal his servant without actually seeing and touching him, he put that belief into practice. He realized that Jesus' authority was not limited by His physical body. While most came to Jesus and expected that His power was limited by His humanity--that He could not influence what He could not see and touch anymore than another human being could--the centurion recognized His power as spiritual, waiting only for a request that He heal the dying servant. Believing in Him, the centurion honored His position of authority, not asking Him to leave the other people He was ministering to nor to step into a potentially ritually unclean home according to Jewish law, but to simply take a moment to restore health to a dying man.
God's power hasn't diminished simply because He is no longer walking around the earth in the person of Jesus of Nazareth. He is still waiting for us to request that He heal those we love. Will we choose to believe in His authority to heal? Think of one impossible situation in your life right now. Perhaps someone completely opposed to Christianity. Someone on their death bed. A relationship "without hope" of reconciliation. Is it honestly any more impossible than the centurion's servant on the point of death? Pray for the healing of Christ, both for the sake of healing but also to grow in faith that your own faith might become like that of the centurion.

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