Thursday, March 6, 2014

Lent 2014: Mary

Luke 1:26-38
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The angel Gabriel asked Mary to accept a mission completely unexpected, completely unprecedented, and relying completely on a level of faith I have never come close to. The angel, of course, simply passed on the message from God; the One really asking this of Mary was the Lord Himself. Accepting His will for her meant stepping out in faith, knowing some of the heartache that was in store for her yet willing to trust Him to take care of the details. She probably didn't know the full extent of pain from the sword which would pierce her heart (Lk 2:35), but she did know that a virgin doesn't simply "become" pregnant and an unmarried mother was subject to the death penalty via stoning.
Have you ever been handed a mission you felt was particularly difficult? Perhaps you weren't really asked to accept it, simply handed the challenge and forced to deal with the outcome. Did you handle it gracefully like Mary? Did you allow it to increase your faith? Did you embrace the opportunity to trust the Lord to protect and provide? How do you need to change so you can accept the next mission He gives you with more grace?

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