Saturday, February 8, 2014

Happy Heritage: A child's perspective is unique

Maria had her first Reconciliation this week. In preparation I helped her think through an examination of her conscience beforehand at home and, knowing my child, I suggested it might help her to write down the sins that came to mind. She could then destroy the paper or keep it until her actual Confession and destroy it afterwards. What I did not expect was that she would review it (silently--I never looked at the paper) on the way to the church and begin giggling. Apparently, according to her, one of her sins was "so funny it made her burst into giggles every time she remembered it". Um, sins aren't supposed to be funny... We'll work on that some more... (What WAS on that paper??)
Reese was working on her Spanish assignment and the computer program wouldn't accept her pronunciation of a particular phrase. After several attempts, Reese gave up and switched to "Blah, blah, blah!" The program didn't accept that pronunciation either, but expressing her frustration with nonsense words seemed to make Reese feel much better.

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