Saturday, January 18, 2014

Happy Heritage: Daddy's Girl

One of the things I love about watching children grow up from the beginning is witnessing their natural personalities unfold. Just as surely as I have no control over their eye color or height, they are born with certain personality traits simply waiting for the right time to be revealed. Each child is a unique individual created by God that we are privileged to know as he or she discovers who himself or herself through the years.
Princess is our first Daddy's girl. I never realized before that even this could be part of the pre-birth package. Her sisters loved their Daddy from the first, but Princess takes it much further. Sure, she loves me very much and will sometimes not let me out of sight. Sure, I take care of the majority of her needs and she looks to me to understand what she wants. My husband does a lot for her, just as he did for our other two girls and will certainly do for our future child(ren), but not so much that she would view him as her primary caretaker when her big sisters never did. Yet at only 7 months old she already shows an intense desire to be with him and interact with him whenever possible.
If he is in the room, Princess wants to be on his lap. If he isn't looking at her, she is watching him. When he turns toward her, her face lights up. She still lets me hold her bottle, change her diaper, keep her on my lap while sitting in the same room as her Daddy, but she watches him the entire time, trying to catch his attention. All I have to do is lay her on his lap while she drinks her milk and she settles right down. She doesn't need to strain her neck around to watch me; she's with the person now that she loves most to be with. I love seeing how special he is to her and I look forward to watching their relationship continue to develop.

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