Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Random selection from our Thanksgiving basket

I pulled out a very small random handful of papers from our Thanksgiving basket to share with you. We've had quite a selection added over the course of the month, although since we add to it especially at breakfast we had to ban further additions of certain words connected to that meal ("banana" made its appearance once too many times).
Hole Sprit (Holy Spirit)
name of 5yr old
family night
good babe's (babies)
Qoeen estr (Queen Esther)
name of 6yr old
sun and rien (sun and rain)
Jesus (accompanied by a picture of Him)
liven on mlk (living on milk)
Lef's (leaves)
frozn pes (frozen peas)
sum suwe (some snow--I had to ask the writer for the interpretation of this one)
sowe shuvls (snow shovels)
smiley (6 smiley faces drawn underneath)
corn chex is glutn free
achieving level 2 (written at the request of 5yr who progressed a major step in her Spanish studies)
wet diapers (I think this was inspired by a diaper that was wet and not...)
6yr finished all her work before noon
mi casa
Bracfist Lonck and bdnre (breakfast, lunch, and dinner)
smile fasis (smiley faces: 9 smiley faces drawn underneath)
We've started another wonderful tradition to be continued year after year. It focuses our attention on the blessings we've received, provided a memory that I hope will be cherished as my children grow up, and helped remind us of the purpose for the holiday we celebrate tomorrow. I'm a little sad to put away our basket for another year, but we're making room in our home for our Advent celebrations, including our Jesse Tree, to begin this Sunday!! If you've never tried this tradition before in your family, an introduction will post tomorrow morning with daily meditations beginning Sunday. Our children have been looking forward to it since last Christmas!
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