Monday, November 11, 2013

Choosing to be different

Romans 13:13
Daniel 3:14-18
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All the governing authorities in Babylon chose to blend in and worship the statue set up by the king. Three men only decided to risk death by their behavior, sanctifying themselves for God when the law they lived under required them to worship an idol. They were themselves in positions of authority because they had proven themselves to be trustworthy and obeyed the king. But when the king surpassed his authority to the point of setting himself up as god, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego were willing to die rather than obey.
You need to make a decision today: will you blend in to the society you live in, or will you choose a different path that risks both appealing to and repelling those around you? For the society we live in sees nothing wrong with engaging in the sins of the night throughout the day. We're not yet faced with the choice of obedience or death. We can obey the laws of our government without endangering our heavenly citizenship. Refusing to engage in the sins considered normal by the society we live in will make us stick out noticeably, but it won't cast us as criminals. If the consequences seem too difficult to bear, consider how much more difficult they have been for other godly men and women throughout the centuries. Is it really so horrible to stand out as different from the society we live in?

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