Monday, October 21, 2013

Twice the gain

Romans 13:7
Mark 12:13-17
Honorius 1
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Each and every person I encounter merits at least a basic level of respect. Depending on their authority, age, job, and other criteria, they might also merit honor, obedience, financial compensation, service, or some other "payment" from me. It is an added bonus that, by relating to other people as I should, I am also obeying the Lord. He has put them in my life or at least allowed them to be here. He wants me to relate to them in a particular way. So by obeying I am not only responding the way I would be forced to anyway (e.g. paying taxes voluntarily vs. at gunpoint), or according to social norms of common courtesy, I am also building a stronger relationship with my Savior. It's like a 2-for-1. Live as a responsible member of society=automatically grow in learning how to obey the Lord Jesus.

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