Friday, October 4, 2013

Measured back to me

Romans 12:21
Luke 6:37-38
Paderno Measuring Cups
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What do you want to receive from the Lord? If you want to receive punishment, then I guess your repayment of others' evil can be whatever you'd like. But consider carefully whether you really want the Lord's vengeance to be upon you. Since He doesn't repay in kind but rather packs into the repayment every particle possible, I'd rather the measure He uses toward me--the measure I originally used toward another person--be one of loving kindness and generosity. If it were completely material then I suppose the glass of water I offered to someone else would become a glass of the finest wine, more sublime tasting than anything I've ever encountered before. Yet how pathetically insignificant the material will be when we encounter the fullness of God's spiritual economy in eternity.
The choice is also one of victory vs. defeat. Will you be overcome, accepting defeat with evil being the victor over you? Or will you choose to overcome, earning a stunning victory and receiving the reward God offers? True, the reward might not be immediate, but it is certain to be given to those who choose to win it, "pressed down, shaken together and running over".

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