Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Homeschool: Book reports for children who can't write well yet

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My 6yr is a voracious reader and her handwriting is better than mine ever was at her age. Yet writing regularly is still beyond her ability. Eventually I want her to write a report or complete a project for most (/all) the books she reads. Since it would be extremely discouraging for her to write more than a single line about each book, I searched for something that would allow her to give her report in picture form, copying the title and author and training her in the habit of processing each story and practicing summarizing the theme. I found exactly what I was looking for! As her writing skills improve, I expect to have her progress to the printable form linked to on this page or something similar, then the other book report on, before finally assigning full-blown, diy, fully written reports.
So far, my 6yr is happy to give a report for each chapter book she reads and each nonfiction or biography I assign as schoolwork. Her 5yr sister has asked to write reports also, so I've "given her permission" to complete one for each book she reads (it doesn't count if someone else reads it aloud to her). Her first report was on Have You Seen My Cat? by Eric Carle, but I'm sure eventually she'll work her way up to The Moffats like her sister.
We keep the reports and blank forms in a 3-ring binder. Since both girls use the same binder for now, they write their name and date at the top. When the binder gets full, perhaps we'll turn the sheets into books bound with yarn and store away with similar books they have made for school. They'll have a list of books they read to look back on when they're grown, and a memory maker to see the progress they make year after year.
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