Saturday, August 31, 2013

Happy Heritage: Baby

It worked! The distraction kept her from crying
until she was truly hungry enough to drink a
full (4-5oz) bottle in one sitting.
One of my favorite parts of being a mother is watching a unique personality unfold over time. Here is an individual created by God, with her own preferences, talents, and role to play. Portions of that personality can be seen immediately while others are uncovered gradually like jewels whose full beauty is hidden at first.
Our Baby loves to talk. For someone who's not even 3 months old yet, she is quite verbal, particularly when she's happy. I was surprised to realize that she understood at least one word before we'd even left the hospital. I would say "milk" and she would immediately begin moving herself into a horizontal position to drink that milk.
She has at least 3 dimples to show off when she's really happy. Two of those dimples will often show themselves off when she's doing nothing more exciting than drinking from her bottle.
Baby enjoys music so much that we used it to help distract her from the milk she wanted, so she'd build up her hunger a little more and drink more in one sitting. (She wanted to just snack, all day long. I wanted her to finish a normal size bottle each time so I could continue with my other work instead of sitting all day holding the bottle for her.) Not all music is viewed the same though: music from the radio never works, music selected for her on Spotify only sometimes works, but music played on a guitar by her Daddy or Grandpa will entertain her for as long as he's willing to play. Certainly for an hour or more.
There's a lot more to discover about our little girl and we're looking forward to her personality opening up like a blossoming flower as time progresses. She's has grown enough that I can blog again, so my prayer journal meditations will begin again this coming Monday. Hopefully she'll continue to cooperate so I can continue to write down my thoughts nearly every day and post here regularly. ;-)

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