Monday, May 6, 2013

Standing up for the truth

Romans 11:27
Isaiah 59:15-21
I'm certain that boys are allowed in heaven, but the
unrepentant will not.
God's covenant to take away our sins is not so we can sin even more than before. He is displeased with wickedness and appalled at those who refuse to speak the truth about what is right and what is wrong. Our Deliverer came to remove our sins so we can become holy and His Spirit to remain with us so we can remain holy. Since I very much want to be in that covenant relationship with God, how can I better cooperate with Him today? Do I have any sins on me that I need to repent of so He can remove them from me? Are there ways that I should speak up more against wrongdoing in the world around me? How can I stand up for righteousness today? Are there any tasks the Lord is asking of me that I haven't responded to yet?
Righteousness begins with the Lord working in me. Only when His Spirit is active in changing my heart can I speak up for the truth. Yet when His words are in my mouth because He is clearly working in me, I can then tell others the truth of God's love for them and His desire that they repent and receive the Deliverer in their own lives.

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