Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The plan changes

Romans 11:24
Genesis 1:27-31
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God's plan is incredibly flexible. As He made each thing He saw "that it was good" and looking at the completion of His Creation He saw "that it was very good". Yet when the first man and woman messed it up, God had another plan in place. According to His plan, God cultivated a people as His own, protecting and nourishing them throughout the generations. Yet when they rejected Him and He had to cut them off, He was prepared with a way to bring in those not originally chosen to take their place. Nor does the wild with the Chosen concern Him, for He is quite ready to bring the people He originally chose back into the family when they return to Him.
How much better it would be for all of us if we would follow God's plan right from the start! Yet the story continues beyond the point of our disobedience, as the Lord forgives and reworks His plan to include us according to the new circumstances. This should encourage us, a reminder that He welcomes us back when we stray away from Him. Since we do all stray, we all need His forgiveness at times. Knowing that He welcomes the return of others invites us to return to Him also when we stray away from the plan He had prepared for us.

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