Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Return to the flock

Romans 11:15
Luke 15:3-7
Sheep - 4
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I couldn't find a book recently. I had to return it that morning, but it wasn't on the shelf (where it was supposed to be) or in the book bag (where it could have been) nor in any of the bedrooms (where it wasn't supposed to be left anyway). Although we routinely have 40-50 library items in our home, none of them are as important to me as the one I can't find when it's time to return the item. Although I read and enjoy most (and quickly return the less desirables), they don't receive the same last minute attention as the one that's missing and aren't returned with the same relief as the one I almost couldn't return at all.
If a simple book, worth a small handful of dollars at most, causes this much attention, how much more important is a person loved and cherished who returns to the family? Heaven rejoices over every sinner who repents; and which of us can honestly pretend to have no need to repent? This is not an open invitation to dramatically turn away from God so our return will be more celebrated, but rather to repent for every sin so we can experience His welcome and to celebrate with all of Heaven whenever another sheep returns to the fold, whether the person has wandered far away or has stayed relatively nearby. Be glad for their return and ask what you need to repent of so you can receive the same joyful welcome.

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