Thursday, April 11, 2013

Rebellious toddlers

Romans 11:7
James 4:1-4
Busy Street In Kota Kinabalu
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Toddlers are notorious for wanting to do things on their own, regardless of whether what they think they want is truly desirable or whether their actions will produce the result they think it will. That is why it is so important for adults to watch toddlers, lest they decide it's desirable to walk into a busy street or jump into the deep end of a pool. The toddler may think that walking into the street is the best way to recover a ball that rolled away or that they should be able to stand up in the deep end of the pool because they're perfectly able to do so in the shallow end. They aren't aware yet that their actions will give a different result from what they're expecting so they need us to lead them away from danger whether they like it or not.
God continually led the Israelites away from danger in their relationships with idols and foreign countries. Often their response to His guidance was identical to a toddler's: kicking and screaming and struggling to break free from His arms. It was clear by the time of Christ (and Paul) that many thought their religion was about rules, a way of life to appease an overbearing God, rather than a relationship of love. John, Jesus, the Twelve, Paul, and many others tried to show them another path, but many resisted. Their goal was as misplaced as a toddler's and their actions were leading them away from the abundant life God offered them.
When God suggests that you follow a different path, is your response as rebellious as that of the hardened Israelites? Do you allow Him to show you where your motives are wrong or your actions are leading you into hardship? Choose to be guided by the One Who is much wiser than you; choose to be one of the remnant who selects friendship with God rather than friendship with the world.

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