Monday, April 8, 2013

One of the remnant

Romans 11:5
Isaiah 10:24-27
Would you be considered by God one of the remnant or one of the majority?
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In all of Israel during the time of Elijah, a certain number of people refrained from offending the Lord and forsaking their covenant with Him. There was only a small percentage of the people, however, easily overlooked by the larger portion who had turned to idolatry. In the time of Paul there was again a certain number of people who responded to the Lord's work and did not reject His Anointed One. But if you were looking at the people as a whole, it would be easy to miss the remnant by the larger number of individuals who chose to reject the Messiah. So too in our day it can seem as though the "everybody" has turned away from the values traditionally held by all Christians. It can seem as though "nobody" is faithful first to their relationship with the Lord and only second to the opinions of other people. Yet there is, as always, a remnant. God provides a special protection for His faithful people so the remnant is never destroyed. That remnant is rarely, if ever, large enough to be considered a majority, so if you generally agree with the majority of people around you then you might need to have some serious conversations with the Lord about whether you agree with Him and are truly one of His people. Not every minority stance corresponds with God's will, but the majority often does not. So our focus needs to be on the Lord, on our relationship with Him, and on His desires for us. If our focus is on the right Person, then it is entirely normal for us to feel as if we are in the minority, as if we are the tiny portion reserved as the remnant as the world around us turns to idolatry.

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