Saturday, April 6, 2013

Happy Heritage: Random questions

Random questions from our 4yr:
"Do any boys have a bladder??"
And from her 6yr sister:
"My eyes are not waterproof."
Both girls were arguing about the meaning of the word "funky". The 6yr said it means "beautiful", and wanted to use it, while the 4yr thought it means something different (she wasn't sure what, but it definitely wasn't beautiful) and so did not want to use it. If they had asked me to define it, I would have told them that it means "off-beat, unusual, different from normal", like what the 4yr likes to wear and the 6yr likes to avoid.
Everything that took place a long time ago in my 4yr's world happened "when I was 2". She's found a new way to describe this: "Back when your (Mommy's) tummy was flat, when I was 2." Hopefully my tummy will flatten again in a few months and she'll be able to say "Back when your tummy was big, when I was 4"... Until then I guess I'll have to be content understanding that 9 months is the same to a preschooler as 2 years!
6yr: "Is 4 an odd number or a weird number?"

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