Friday, April 26, 2013

Avoid separation

Romans 11:22
Psalm 103:7-12
Because the Lord is so kind and merciful, we do not want to be presumptuous in our relationship toward Him. He has not treated us as we deserve; so we should not assume that He will always ignore our sins and live as if His Law, His desires for our lives, meant nothing. Eventually we will see the consequences of our evil and regret every wrongdoing we have ever committed. Will we open our eyes now while we have the opportunity to turn back to Him and receive His forgiveness or will we wait until it's too late and we experience the horror of being separated from Him?
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When God cuts someone off from His family while in this life, it is for the purpose of motivating that individual to return to Him. He loves us so much that He allows us to experience a tiny portion of the pain we will encounter in eternity if we don't return to Him beforehand. We can avoid those separations by actively repenting when we sin, not waiting for Him to rebuke us. We can attempt to build a stronger relationship with Him and live as much as possible according to His will. Do you have your eyes open to the consequences of your actions? Are you actively avoiding separation from God?

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